Transmedia Hollywood 4: Transmedia For a Change

A quick recap of the 2nd panel at this year’s ‘Transmedia Hollywood’ conference which took place on April 12 at UCLA where Katerina Cizek, Sam Haren, Katie Elmore Mota, Henry Jenkins, and Mahyad Tousi got a chance to discuss the growing role of transmedia in fostering social change and education

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An alliance between USC and UCLA#USC #UCLA #transmedia #TH4 Lipnos
Transmedia is a new and effective way of improving digital literacy in today’s world where we are all constantly bombarded by information.
New digital divide is not having access to technology but if you know how to use technology. Transmedia can improve digital literacy. #TH4Lauren Hanna
Kids today have issues with sourcing. They do not know where things come from or how to find that info. @katciz #TH4Transmedia Hollywood
We’re entering uncharted territories and we’re doing it together. @katciz #TH4Sandpit
Yet what makes Transmedia so effective is that it operates through the paradigm of storytelling
Storytelling is how we have always learned. #TH4Transmedia Hollywood
“There’s something about storytelling that lets us see the commonalities between us.” -@seancarasso of @FallingWhistles #TH4Noah J Nelson
@MahyadT on the intersection of entertainment + interactive media + education = Transmedia #storytelling #th4 McClain
Storytelling is, in essence, a way to teach while keeping audiences entertained; it’s why transmedia is so effective
75% entertainment, 25% education – K. Mota on the ideal transmedia edu. balance. M. Tousi argues for collapsing the ent/edu binary. #TH4Suzanne Scott
Entertainment and education value in experiences can coexist and create interest from stakeholders on both sides – @mahyadt #th4Uncharted Digital
Transmedia panel. Making education global #th4 Lacasa
High entertainment value & high education value is the sweet spot for using media for educational change – @MahyadT #TH4Kamal Sinclair
Most importantly, transmedia is effective because it is TRANSending traditional MEDIA and all it’s physical limitations
Lets "leave the movie business for the story business." #TH4Transmedia Hollywood
“We do not have to be defined by delivery buckets.” – @MahyadT #TH4 via @transmediahwood:Noah J Nelson
If you can release yourself from form, then you can focus on the content or story and tell it across multiple platforms. #TH4Jade Alburo
Mahyad Tousi seemed to sum up the phenomenon in an ‘eloquent’ metaphor
"Transmedia is the octopus of storytelling. It just has eight legs instead of two." @transmediahwood #TH4Caryn Wiley-Rapoport
#th4 talking about transmedia storytellers are Octopi … much like my compadre @RedSquidLabCarrie CutforthYoung
So just what does a ‘Transmedia Octopus’ look like?  We’ll leave you with this to contemplate:
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